HIMS Products

HIMS Asset Management System (HIMS)

HIMS is the main software product of HIMS Ltd, New Zealand. HIMS is a powerful relational database and analytical system software with in-built GIS and Reporting platforms. The strong but flexible location referencing system ensures that all the historical data are correctly referenced including the historical changes in the road network. HIMS is designed to meet the needs of consultants and road agencies which is capable of storing data on any type of asset-from pavements through bridges to traffic and managing the data to prepare files for analysis with applications such as HDM-4. The HIMS analytical module (for predictive modeling and optimization) allows undertaking life cycle cost analysis, asset valuation and risking management.

HIMS can be used for developing Road Information System (RIS), Pavement Management System (PMS), Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS), Bridge Management System (BMS), Accident Information System (AIS), Traffic Information System (TIS), Environmental and Social Information System (ESIS), Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES), Asset Valuation System (AVS) etc.


HDM Road Users Effects (HDM RUE) System

This Windows based application is an update and enhancement to the World Bank's MS-DOS HDM-VOC model. It was developed as part of the preparation of Volume 7 of the HDM-4 report series 'Modeling Road User and Environmental Effects in HDM-4'. HDM-RUE predicts vehicle operating costs (VOC) for segments of roads, including speeds and congestion effects, as well as tables of costs as a function of operating conditions.


Cumulative Deviation Sectioning System

This is a stand alone sectioning software used for homogeneous sectioning or dynamic segmentation based on user supplied criteria. This software was used on Transit New Zealand Sectioning project which explored various methods and criteria for determining dynamic segments of over 10,000 km of New Zealand State Highways. This software currently is in built into HIMS.

Harmonization of Rut Depths System (HRD)

This system was developed, during then Transfund New Zealand funded research project, to harmonize rut depth measurements from different profilometers, which included analyzing standard reference transverse profile measured by different sensor numbers and spacings. This was used to investigate the effect of the number of sensors on predicted rut depth. In addition, this software was used to determine the effects of lateral placement of profilometers and measurement error on true rut depths. HRD is available for commercial purposes for a highly specialized use.

HIMS Analysis Module (NODEM)

This is a stand alone software which is integrated with HIMS. This software is the Analysis Engine for HIMS which is used for predictive modeling, economic analysis, prioritization and optimization. This can be used for linear and non linear assets. NODEM can be purchased along with HIMS or independently. In addition to roads and highways, NODEM was implemented on several projects in New Zealand involving different assets such as Traffic Signals, Kerb and Channel, Footpaths, Stormwater, Waste Water, Water, Parks, Leisure assets.


ROMDAS Interface (ROMS dataview)

ROMDAS Interface (dataview) was developed for automatically converting data collected by ROMDAS data collection system into a format that can readily be used by most Road Management Systems.

Currently HIMS is available in three versions:

1.Desktop Version: This version is based on the MS SQL Express database and is ideal for small Councils (road networks) or low on IT infrastructure.

2.Enterprise Version: This version is more suitable for agencies having huge data management; client server environment and well developed computer network. This version is based on SQL Server backend.

3.Web Version: This version is based on Enterprise with data uploading and retrieval using web interface. System can be hosted on an internal or external server.