HIMS Support

Help Desk Support

Help desk support is provide for installation, operation and maintenance of the software. HIMS users subscribed for Annual Maintenance Services are entitled to five hours of helpdesk support annually.

Please contact us on:

Email: support@himsltd.com
Phone: + 64 9 827 7703 or
Fax: + 64 9 827 7704

Technical Support

We can provide technical services for configuration of HIMS software and templates for specific requirements. Separate fee is charged for this additional services.


Training on HIMS for general and advanced users are available on request. Training and configuration for specific requirements can be procured as part of the software package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HIMS Ltd supply HDM-4 software?

No, HDM-4 software is marketed and supported by HDMGlobal as part of the oncessionaire services agreed with PIARC.

What is the difference between relational database (such as MS Access) and HIMS database based on linear referencing system?

Linear location referencing system allows to tie up the data related to roads with internal referencing process. It allows shifting, merging and breaking of attribute data whenever a change occurs in location referencing.

Why do I need HDM-4 Information Management System?

Preparation of data for network level analysis is extremely time consuming and complicated process. Using HIMS's HDM-4 Information Management System makes input data prepration for HDM-4 analysis very quick and efficient.